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 – Why 15 Minute Fundraising –

The purpose of this site is to assist both new and seasoned fundraisers alike to amplify their narratives and cultivate the joy of giving [duh, it’s in the tagline]. The hope is that you will find value through easily digestible morsels of actionable steps that you might consider integrating into your current philanthropic endeavors. I find joy in sharing what I’ve learned from my successes and failures over the almost 10 years of multi-disciplinary experience in the non-profit sector. In the spirit of the agitator – I seek to agitate, prod, light a fire under your ass.

It is also for selfish reasons – to amplify my own personal narrative. To become a better writer and nurture my ability to organize my thoughts and arguments with increased clarity – this is a type of deliberate practice for me. I also personally find that there is an abundance of overly sanitized perspectives, not enough Simone Joyaux type of frankness, too many circle jerks of ideas – I don’t seek to add to the sea of topical “3 things to include in a donor thank you” blogs, but look to find a fine balance of sharing my highly opinionated perspectives from 30,000 feet, to the granular aspects of philanthropy, while throwing in a dash of cross-pollination of strategies from consumer behaviour, psychology, corporate marketing, etc.

Please note that you might come across NSFW words like “shit”, “poop”, “fuck”, when I feel that the emphasis that vernacular provides is warranted – I might even call out some #chickenshit fundraisers. A beautiful union of my professional and laymen perspectives in an academically inclined, street talk conversational style. If that’s not for you that’s o.k.

Thank you for the important work that you do. May you continue to cultivate the joy of giving.

 – Professional Cred –

  1. Closing in on a decade’s worth of non-profit sector experience, working with some of the largest national organizations to the smallest, local community groups.
  2. Involved in dozens of campaigns and projects with cumulative revenues exceeding $100 million.
  3. I’ve also been a part of my share of campaigns that have failed miserably. You live, you learn to get better.
  4. I’ve assisted in the planning to execution of multiple signature multi-million dollar fundraising events.
  5. Provided hands-on general board member guidance to small organizations with operating budgets constraints of $10,000/year and 50 active donors.
  6. Experience in providing marketing and communications consultancy to various small businesses, such as mom & pop coffee shops, real estate agents, and restaurants.
  7. Professional volunteer experience in chairing United Way Employee Campaigns committees for several years, as well as, leading the promotion of internal employee giving leadership campaigns.
  8. Extensive experience in national donor relations – I have an intimate familiarity of donor’s concerns on the front-lines – having personally dealt with in excess of 60,000 direct donor inquiries of all types.
  9. Penchant for skill-stacking through a progression of cross-functional positions within the non-profit sector, from National Direct Marketing, to Signature Events, to Print Production, to Marketing Communications, to Monthly Giving, to Volunteer Management, to ….
  10. Extremely passionate about each and every cause that I’ve help further – my closet consists of basically suits and organization branded t-shirts. I am also known as a certain charity’s burger eating champion of the world – having eaten 13 bacon cheese burgers in order to support their event. I do not recommend you do that.
  11. Known to fight as hard as possible to institutionalize the idea that “every interaction with a donor is an ask” within each organization that I’ve worked for. I am a champion for the donor beyond internet platitudes, dedicated to always deliver on my organization’s current donor promise.
  12. Instituted innovative ideas within each organization that I’ve worked with, from streamlining processes through marketing automation, to secret shopper programs, and 20+ year donor journeys.
  13. I maintain a dedication to professional growth, read voratiously, listen to podcasts daily, forever seek to integrate the cross-functional insights from outside industries and ensure that I always consistently cultivate a system of ideation in order to help push my organization’s bar a bit higher.
  14. I find a blissful calm in my dedication to advancing philanthropy – I am not timid to admit that I am highly opinionated [backed by empirical data, hopefully], always pushing back against any signs of mediocrity-creep and try to inspire my colleagues by leading by example.
  15. I’m a donor first.

– Street Cred –

[Bad boy since 8 years old…]

They told me that speaking in third person makes you sound cooler than a polar bear’s toenail, here we go:

  1. Alex was voted “Most likely to be a famous rapper” in high school, and wrote/recorded over 100 songs before he repurposed the essence of that creativity into his professional work. Best believe he can out-rhyme you.
  2. Alex once smoked a marijuanas, and he inhaled.
  3. Alex was once left unattended in a pool as a toddler and almost drowned. To haters’ chagrin, he’s still living.
  4. Alex’s parents were convinced that he would die as a child due to his severe asthma. He’s been asthma free for over 20 years.
  5. Alex was the victim of a hit and run when he was 7 years old. He carried his mangled bike 2 kilometers with severe road rash across the entire left side of his body and half of his left big toe shredded off by the pavement. When brought to the hospital it was intern night and his little 7 year old self had to deal with the embarrassment of more than 10 interns examining his young pre-pubescent naked body while he cried. Ain’t no thang but a chicken wing.
  6. Alex is a hopeless romantic, French-Canadian Scorpio. Alex’s is known to once a year drink a bottle of wine and listen to Lisa Loeb’s “Stay” while thinking about the one who got away.
  7. Alex is known to sometimes speak the vernacular of the streets. In a meeting he may refer to your excellent idea of as “tight” or “dope”. He may also refer to terrible ideas as “wack”.
  8. Alex was once on video and Arcade Top 10. He won.
  9. Alex has donated enough blood to save the lives of more than 100 individuals. Against phlebotomist’s advice he doesn’t take a deep breath and look away but rather enjoys watching the needle go into his arm slowly. #savage
  10. Alex once broke a rib on the 3rd station of a 15 station obstacle course. He finished the course like an idiot anyways to impress a girl he liked.
  11. Alex has been known to, on rare occasion, eat up to 6 taco bell tacos or a box of 40 nuggets like it’s nothing and not suffer from an upset stomach.
  12. Alex ran his first half-marathon with minimal training while still, at the time, being a pack-a-day smoker. He finished in 2 hours and 8 seconds. Only 8 seconds more than his goal from the prior year when he trained 6 days/week.
  13. Alex’s first job was at McDonalds. Gansta.
  14. Alex donates up to 5% of his yearly salary to progressive organizations. Bling, Bling – money ain’t a thang!

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