Every couple of Fridays we post 15 links to articles, reports, essays, videos, etc., to help you become a better: you. A smrter you.

  1. Farnam Street – The Narrative Fallacy And What You Can Do About It.
  2. Hemingway later remarked to a reporter that the admonitions in this style sheet were “the best rules I ever learned in the business of writing.”
  3. Singularity Hub – 7 Critical Skills for the Jobs of the Future
  4. SOFII – The use and abuse of emotions in fundraising: a behavioural science point of view
  5. NASA’s $1 billion Jupiter probe just sent back breathtaking new images of the Great Red Spot
  6.  “Isn’t that crazy? Most of your life—decades in all—will be spent not having the experience life is offering, but thinking about other experiences, striving to avoid certain ones and guarantee others, grasping at types of control and certainty we can never have.” The Alternative To Thinking All The Time
  7. New Yorker – Why Facts Don’t Change Our Minds “”Reason developed not to enable us to solve abstract, logical problems or even to help us draw conclusions from unfamiliar data; rather, it developed to resolve the problems posed by living in collaborative groups.”
  8. Seth Godin – Instead of the easy numbers “System innovations almost always involve rejecting the standard metrics as a first step in making a difference. When you measure the same metrics, you’re likely to create the same outcomes. But if you can see past the metrics to the results, it’s possible to change the status quo.”
  9. Inc. “Google Spent 2 Years Studying 180 Teams. The Most Successful Ones Shared These 5 Traits
  10. McKinsey – Culture for a digital age “Leaders won’t achieve the speed and agility they need unless they build organizational cultures that perform well across functions and business units, embrace risk, and focus obsessively on customers.””
  11. KCI Ketchum Canada’s PT I – Most Creative, Cutting-Edge Ideas in Fundraising/Awareness Campaigns from Around the World
  12. SSIR – Is Your Nonprofit Built for Sustained Innovation? Six useful starting points for nonprofits that want to build their capacity to continuously innovate.
  13. Yale Launches an Archive of 170,000 Photographs Documenting the Great Depression
  14. Pinterest collection of over 800 old charity ads
  15. Philanthropy NYU – Roger M. Craver and Kevin Schulman “Overcoming Barriers to Growth – How the Nonprofit Sector Can Move From the Foothills to the Mountain Peaks

May you continue to cultivate the joy of giving, smrty pants

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