My weapon of choice – still going strong after 6-7 years, and an estimated 1515 drops on the floor.

An interesting aspect about ironing, is that 80% of the outcomes are the result of 20% of the inputs – it always amazes me that so many aspects of our lives follow the Pareto Principle. Unless you iron with some sort of regularity [and thus skill], you wouldn’t think that 80% of your time spent ironing you aren’t even using the iron at all.  79% of your time ironing will be spent carefully arranging and managing the tautness of the article of clothing, and 1% of the time  using your spray bottle [only amateurs put water IN their iron]


Whether dress shirts, pants, jeans, tshirts… You:

flip, pull, tighten, spray, line up, tauten up, leverage the curves and shape of the board
flip, tuck, tauten up, hand press/spread, examine, hold, spray, just a little more
smooth it out, tauten up, flip, smooth it out, tauten it up,
flip, aaaannd-then, and only then, you strike when the iron is hot.
#antiwrinkle tip.
[sounds like a crappy rap verse]

[There’s a metaphor in here somewhere in relation to your fundraising efforts.]

One becomes the Abraham Lincoln of ironing:

If I had four hours to chop down a tree,
I’d spend the first two hours sharpening the axe

Although it may be 2017 and according to the taunts from friends and family, that ironing may have fell out of favour, coolness, necessity – I’ll keep ironing every morning. Even if my girlfriend, her parents, and my peers make fun of me for it.

“There’s hardly any wrinkles, jeez, no one will even notice! lollolo lo”

That’s cool. I do it for me. [there’s a fundraising metaphor somewhere in there as well]

I may be some sort of renaissance man [there’s no metaphor there, just bs…]

Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity

May you continue to cultivate the joy of giving
without burning the fabric of your narrative

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