In my heart of hearts, I never thought that I might identify as a “runner”.

Even today, as I clocked in 600 cumulative KM for the year, I still don’t identify as a real runner – you might say I’ve got a case of¬†¬†athletic imposter syndrome. I know that the numbers below aren’t impressive at all.

Not that they need to be.

Yet, just this morning, I surpassed the 600 KM mark for this year. Here’s a visual to give you a sense of the ground I covered:

If you would of told high school AC: a pack a day smoker, midnight toker, weekend binger, that I would be a full fledged runner in 10 years – I would have sold you a slushie in an ice storm.

What a bullshit narrative I was living by.

When I began running, I started like most people do – interval run/walk training. Basically, your first [embarrassing] run is run 1 minutes, walk 1.5 minutes.

x 10.

4 years later, here’s the ground that I’ve covered.

Which got me thinking lately – what else have I been lying to myself about? Peeling the self-reflective onion back – what else have I feared?

Shit. What could I potentially achieve if I applied the same interval training concept to my life, to my skill sets, to my fundraising campaigns?

What other self-defeating, self-sabotaging narratives have I allowed to hold me back from innumerable growth opportunities?

Run Forest, RUN!

The blessing is outside of your comfort zone

May you continue to cultivate the joy of giving, from PB to PB