“I’ve talked to so many smart and wise people across the years, people who’ve seen social change happen and been part of it, and studied it. And one thing that they all know, and can document across history, is that at any given moment the things we’re focused on, the things we’re shining a light on, or the things that are getting all the attention, are probably not the ones who are changing the world.

It’s like history happens, then you look and you say: “Oh! That. THAT was going on” and I think that this is true now with all of our media as it’s ever been. And I actually love, I love knowing that. I love knowing that the surprising thing is out there  waiting to change the world, and we’re not even paying attention, and it’s kind of gestating quietly

Krista Tippet, being interviewed by Debbie Millman on her podcast “Design Matters” Listen here.

I’d also highly recommend Krista Tippet’s own “On Being” podcast as well.
May you continue to cultivate the autotelic joy of giving.