Every couple of Fridays [usually the 1st/3rd] we post 15 links to articles, reports, essays, videos, etc., that will make you a better: you. A smrter you.

  1. Habits vs Goals : A Look at the Benefits of a Systematic Approach to Life
  2. Philanthropy NYU – Overcoming Barriers to Growth -How the Nonprofit Sector Can Move From the Foothills to the Mountain Peaks
  3. “But how far do you go toward the 11-star experience? To create the nirvana product/service, all successful entrepreneurs, at some point, have to come back down to earth.” Masters of Scale – The 11 Star Experience
  4. The Year’s 15 Best Commercials, as Picked by the Cannes Lions Film Jury
  5. Donor Voice – What your donation buys: How to get a 42% lift in revenue
  6. The Commission on the Donor Experience released its overview of recommended changes to transform fundraising from the “prevailing preoccupation with ever-increasing financial targets” to “building the kind of relationships [with donors] upon which long-term fundraising success depends”
  7. I’m sorry but those are vanity metrics
  8. 10 Tiny Ways To Massively Level Up And Transform Your Life
  9. Box’s VP Engineering on Biohacks For A Better Career
  10. Donor Voice – How non-profits can stop donor churn before it starts [a slideshare pres]
  11. 9 ways to get more out of Pocket [yes, the digital bookmarker]
  12. Venn diagram of the ideal employee
  13. Hold the LOLs: Texting Etiquette for Your Nonprofit
  14. Moceanic – Your Definitive Guide to Face to Face Fundraising
  15. Master Productivity and Eliminate Noise Using the Eisenhower Matrix

May you continue to cultivate the joy of giving, smrty pants

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