We can all agree:

  • Telling someone you like them, is way different than telling someone you love them.
  • Calling someone insensitive, is way different than calling someone an asshole.
  • Calling someone a customer, is way different than calling them a champion for your cause.

Dear Greenpeace – I love what you stand for, what you do, the unapologetic aggressive direct action in how you do it. As a fundraiser, I love that when I cancelled my monthly gift, you were the only one that took the strategic approach of offering me the opportunity to either pause or downgrade my gift amount – although the language you used in asking me to do so came across as if you’ve already downgrading my giving:

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…It may not seem like one small monthly contribution makes a difference, but it truly does, and that’s why we are so grateful for all of your support…

It’s not just semantics, words matter when you are attempting to amplify a narrative. The lifetime value of a recurring $180/year is a substantial contribution in my view, definitely not to be referred to as “one small monthly contribution”.

The value of a gift is always relative to each and every individual donor. Referring to my $15/month gift this way just leaves a sour taste in my mouth, especially when you use it as your opener before having even thanked me! As a fundraiser I know what you were trying to say; unfortunate how this might come across to a “critical” donor.

Think that I’m being a little too nit-picky here? Here:

May you continue to cultivate the joy of giving, at all gift levels.


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