A firm believer in the transformative power of momento mori, I try to integrate the sentiment into my daily life through multiple mediums, from morbid iconoclastic posters in my apartment to mortality tab on my laptop, I attempt to harness it and give myself a healthy existential crisis every month or so.  It can be terrifying-ly sublime. I’m not a smart man.

I think it was Terrence McKenna who remarked something along the lines that psychedelics have the unique ability to help one attain, within minutes, a similar depth of experience in the realms of conscious expansion that another person might similarly achieve through their daily practice of yogic mediation over the course of 30 years [if ever reached at all].

Well, a few youtube videos can be the equivalent of that hero dose of psilocybin that you might need.

So what does this have to do with fundraising? It’s all in how you leverage those feelings of existential dread into your work. We’ve examined how one’s worldviews are one of the main determinants in what actions we will take, so after watching some of these videos – do you feel more at ease in your meat body floating through space, knowing that nothing reeeeeeeallly matters in the grand scheme of things? Or does it reinvigorate you through highlighting how incredibly luck you are to have surpassed the infinitesimal odds of even being born, at this exact time and on that patch of dirt, with the opportunity to live a life of service, passionate about using your privilege to help better your community? Hell, show one of these videos to a group of prospects then leave them all with a legacy giving pamphlet…

Let’s start off with a video that is quite inspirational in relation to our work:

Next, something a bit more terrifying [turn up the music for maximal effect]

Enjoy the rest of these videos and interactive sites, and come back to them when you are a little caught up in pride, anxiety, depression, and humble yourself. Feel amazement, wonder, insignificance.

My 3 Favourite Interactive Sites:

Scale of the universe 2

If the moon were only 1 pixel

May you continue to…aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah what does it matter? I guess so.

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