More often than ever, your donors are more likely to be interfacing with your charity via their cellphones and tablets. It’s essential that your webpage not only has responsive design, but that it loads quickly, and has a strategic flow of information and CTAs across all devices [among other things like Google starting to add more weight to its pagerank algorithms for sites that are mobile-friendly].

Devtools allow you to obtain a quick approximation of how your site [or emails that open in browser, etc.] will look on other devices and screen resolutions. Use this to:

A warning from Google: Device Mode gives you a close approximation as to how your site will look on a mobile device, but to get the full picture you should always test your site on real devices. DevTools can’t emulate the performance characteristics of mobile devices, for example.

Here’s a quick screenshot I took while developing this site, to quickly see what it looked like on a phone:

Learn more about DevTools here

May you continue to cultivate the joy of giving, across all devices!


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