As is often the case with Seth’s work, this Manifesto invigorates me enough to revisit it every few months. I read his book Linchpin during the nascent years of my career as a fundraiser and its essence has been pivotal in the way that I approach my work as a whole.

I was influenced to post this today after a friendly quip from a respected colleague when I told her that my first reaction was one of feeling underwhelmed by a certain comms package that was presented to me and that I was seeking her insights.

Yeah, but you are never satisfied Alex

That’s right Vicky. I hope to never be. [blech, that sounds gross. I’ll leave it. You know what I mean]

I’ve got nothing to add to this – read it over a few times. More Seth Godin here.

May you continue to cultivate the joy of giving, you linchpin, you.